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Stability boundaries for massive stars in the sHR diagram

Stability boundaries for massive stars in the sHR diagram Thumbnail


Stability boundaries of radial pulsations in massive stars are compared with positions of variable and non-variable blue-supergiants in the spectroscopic HR (sHR) diagram (Langer & Kudritzki 2014), whose vertical axis is $4\log T_{\rm eff}-\log g \,(= \log L/M)$. Observational data indicate that variables tend to have higher $L/M$ than non-variables in agreement with the theoretical prediction. However, many variable blue-supergiants are found to have values of $L/M$ below the theoretical stability boundary; i.e., surface gravities seem to be too high by around 0.2-0.3 dex.

Acceptance Date Jan 23, 2015
Publication Date Jan 23, 2015
Journal Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union
Print ISSN 1743-9213
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 230-231
Keywords stars, evolution, oscillations, mass loss, Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
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