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Adaptable Synthesis of C-Glycosidic Multivalent Carbohydrates and Succinamide-Linked Derivatization




A modular approach to the synthesis of trivalent C-glycosidic carbohydrates is described. The approach is illustrated employing carboxylate-terminated C-glycosidic d-mannose, d-glucose, and d-galactose derivatives with different length C1-linked spacer units and also core units with different length linker units attached. The central core scaffold is additionally functionalized via a succinamide-based, conjugatable linker unit, exemplified in an extended multivalent derivative [31] and a pyrene-bearing fluorsecent-labeled tris-C-mannosyl conjugate [33].

Publication Date Nov 19, 2010
Journal Organic Letters
Print ISSN 1523-7060
Publisher American Chemical Society
Pages 5262 - 5265
Publisher URL