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Cellular senescence in aging and osteoarthritis.

Cellular senescence in aging and osteoarthritis. Thumbnail


- It is well accepted that age is an important contributing factor to poor cartilage repair following injury, and to the development of osteoarthritis. Cellular senescence, the loss of the ability of cells to divide, has been noted as the major factor contributing to age-related changes in cartilage homeostasis, function, and response to injury. The underlying mechanisms of cellular senescence, while not fully understood, have been associated with telomere erosion, DNA damage, oxidative stress, and inflammation. In this review, we discuss the causes and consequences of cellular senescence, and the associated biological challenges in cartilage repair. In addition, we present novel strategies for modulation of cellular senescence that may help to improve cartilage regeneration in an aging population.


(2016). Cellular senescence in aging and osteoarthritis. Acta Orthopaedica, 6- 14.

Acceptance Date May 16, 2016
Publication Date Sep 23, 2016
Journal Acta Orthop
Print ISSN 1745-3682
Publisher Medical Journals Sweden
Pages 6- 14
Publisher URL


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