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A quality assessment framework for knowledge management software

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CONTEXT: Knowledge is a strategic asset to any organisation due to its usefulness in supporting
innovation, performance improvement and competitive advantage. In order to gain the maximum benefit from knowledge, the effective management of various forms of knowledge is increasingly viewed as vital. A Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a class of Information System (IS) that manages organisational knowledge, and KMS software (KMSS) is a KMS component that can be used as a platform for managing various forms of knowledge. The evaluation of the effectiveness or quality of KMS software is challenging, and no systematic evidence exists on the quality evaluation of knowledge management software which considers the various aspects of Knowledge Management (KM) to ensure the effectiveness of a KMS.

AIM: The overall aim is to formalise a quality assessment framework for knowledge management software (KMSS).

METHOD: In order to achieve the aim, the research was planned and carried out in the stages identified in the software engineering research methods literature. The need for this research was identified through a mapping study of prior KMS research. The data collected through a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and the evaluation of a KMSS prototype using a sample of 58 regular users
of knowledge management software were used as the main sources of data for the formalisation of the quality assessment framework. A test bed for empirical data collection was designed and implemented based on key principles of learning. A formalised quality assessment framework was applied to select knowledge management software and was evaluated for effectiveness.

RESULTS: The final outcome of this research is a quality assessment framework consisting of 41 quality attributes categorised under content quality, platform quality and user satisfaction. A Quality Index was formulated by integrating these three categories of quality attributes to evaluate the quality of knowledge management software.

CONCLUSION: This research generates novel contributions by presenting a framework for the quality assessment of knowledge management software, never previously available in the research. This framework is a valuable resource for any organisation or individual in selecting the most suitable knowledge management software by considering the quality attributes of the software.


(2016). A quality assessment framework for knowledge management software

Keywords Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Software, Knowledge
Management System Software, Quality assessment framework, Software quality


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