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Thermally Triggered Theranostics for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

Malekigorji, M; Alfahad, M; Kong Thoo Lin, P; Jones, S; Curtis, ADM; Hoskins, C

Thermally Triggered Theranostics for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy Thumbnail


M Malekigorji

M Alfahad

P Kong Thoo Lin

S Jones

C Hoskins


Hybrid iron oxide-gold nanoparticles (HNPs) are capable of drug binding onto their surface with a triggered release at elevated temperatures. The iron oxide core allows for diagnostic imaging whilst heating of the gold shell upon laser irradiation reverses drug binding. This study exploits the reversible binding of novel polyamine based drugs in order to provide specific and effective method for pancreatic cancer treatment. Here we used novel bisnaphthalamido (BNIP) based drug series. Our hybrid nanoparticles (50 nm) were capable of drug loading onto their surface (3:1:0.25, Drug:Fe:Au). By exploiting the surface-to-drug electrostatic interaction of a range of BNIP agents, heat triggered drug release was achieved. 12-fold reduction in IC50 after 24 h in vitro and 5-fold reduction of tumour retardation in vivo compared with free drug in pancreatic models after treatment with the HNP-formulation and laser irradiation. This heat activated system could provide a key platform for future therapy strategies.

Acceptance Date Jul 31, 2017
Publication Date Aug 3, 2017
Journal Nanoscale
Print ISSN 2040-3364
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
Keywords theranostic, pancreatic cancer, thermo-responsive drug delivery, laser
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