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Heading for trouble: is dementia a game changer for football?


After fevered media coverage of a possible link between football (soccer) heading and long-term damage to the brain, 2016 saw the Professional Footballers’ Association call for a review of the game to decide whether to follow the lead of the United States Soccer and ban heading for younger players. Given these concerns, and the fact the relevant Rules of Football were conceived over 100 years ago, is it time for major rule changes? Is there evidence that football increases risk of neurodegenerative disease (eg, dementia) and heading is to blame?

Acceptance Date Jul 5, 2017
Publication Date Jul 20, 2017
Journal British Journal of Sports Medicine
Print ISSN 0306-3674
Publisher BMJ Publishing Group
Pages 321-322
Keywords aging/ageing, brain, contact sports, football, soccer
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