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Mitigating inter-cluster interference on the uplink for a three-cell clustered cooperative network


Mitigating inter-cluster interference on the uplink for a three-cell clustered cooperative network Thumbnail




In this paper, we propose a practical and scalable solution to mitigating interference on the uplink through static clustering and adaptive fractional frequency reuse (CFFR). The focus is on a three-cell clustered network due to its low complexity. Moreover, we have previously shown that a performance comparable to that of global coordination is achievable using a cluster size of three. In this paper, for a clustered planar Wyner network, we derive analytical capacity equations for zero forcing (ZF) and linear minimum mean squared error (LMMSE)-based receivers. The theoretical results show that inter-cluster interference is the major performance bottleneck and that the smallest interference from the neighbouring clusters is sufficient to significantly lower the system performance. We then switch our study to a more realistic network setting and augment our CFFR technique by adopting an entirely distributed architecture and by implementing a location classification algorithm based on logistic regression. We then show through simulations that CFFR performs significantly better than the widely studied dynamic clustering (DC) technique. Since the inter-cluster interference intensity of CFFR is much lower than DC, the per-cell sum rate performance is 1.5 × better, especially at high loads. We also show that the CFFR algorithm is a lot less complex than DC in terms of running time.

Acceptance Date Apr 7, 2016
Publication Date Apr 23, 2016
Journal Eurasip Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
Print ISSN 1687-1472
Publisher Springer Verlag
Keywords Network MIMO, Clustered network MIMO, Multi-cell processing, MCP, Joint processing, JP, Base station cooperation, BSC, Fractional frequency reuse, FFR, LTE-A, ZF, LMMSE, Clustering, Cooperation
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