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Studies on the ecology and taxonomy of Thermophilous fungi

Evans, Harold Charles

Studies on the ecology and taxonomy of Thermophilous fungi Thumbnail


Harold Charles Evans


An ecological study of thermophilous fungi was undertaken, with particular reference to their occurrence in the coal spoil tips in the Stoke-on-Trent area. A wide variety of fungal species was isolated during these investigations, and species were divided into groups depending on their frequency of isolation (and occurrence) in all the habitats sampled. The warm areas of coal spoil tips were shown to be particularly rich in their thermophilous mycofloras and it is considered that these habitats may favour the growth of thermophilous fungi and encourage colonisation by fungi poorly adapted to normal soil conditions. The seasonal variation of thermophilous fungi in a coal spoil tip profile and in the atmosphere was also investigated. In the former habitat the numbers of fungal isolates and species were found to decrease markedly with depth, and in both habitats there was a definite seasonal fluctuation in these numbers. The temperature-growth relationships of the isolated species were determined in detail and, on the basis of these, species have been delimited into groups. Several species have been added to the small number of true thermophiles so far reported. Problems concerning the definition of thermophily are discussed. A taxonomic survey of thermophilous fungi has been made and several species new to the British Isles are described. One new species is named and a number of unusual species are described and names proposed for several of them. Several new combinations are also thought to be necessary. The cellulolytic ability of a range of thermophilous fungal species was measured using two different methods. Species are divided into groups depending on their degree of cellulolytic ability.


Evans, H. C. (1969). Studies on the ecology and taxonomy of Thermophilous fungi. (Thesis)

Thesis Type Thesis


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