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A Data-Pooling Laboratory Activity to Investigate the Influence of Ionic Strength on the Solubility of CaSO4.2H2O (s)





A laboratory experiment characterized by a whole-class data-pooling approach to generate a data set that can be used to test a model of the influence of ionic strength on electrolyte solubility is described and discussed. The design of the experiment makes efficient use of the laboratory period and releases time for instructional and dialogic exchanges surrounding the theoretical background to ionic strength effects on ionic equilibria and the use of advanced features of Excel to analyze the data on the basis of a model derived from Debye–Hückel theory. The activity is assessed via a prelaboratory exercise and an Excel workbook, for which a typical data set with full analysis and results is provided.

Acceptance Date Dec 16, 2019
Publication Date Jan 3, 2020
Journal Journal of Chemical Education
Print ISSN 0021-9584
Publisher American Chemical Society
Keywords Second-Year Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Instruction Hands-On Learning/Manipulatives Aqueous Solution Chemistry Equilibrium Precipitation/Solubility Quantitative Analysis
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