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Discovery of organic matter and palynomorphs from the Neoproterozoic Zor diamictite of the Ramsu Formation in the Ramban District, Jammu and Kashmir, India


The presence of medium-grade organic matter confirmed by Raman spectroscopy is reported for the first time from the Zor diamictite of the Ramsu Formation, Tethyan Himalaya. The organic matter has undergone overmature thermal evolution and shows low total organic carbon (TOC) and low total sulfur (TS) values of <0.25% and ?0.01%, respectively. Low TS/TOC < 0.08 suggests oxic bottom waters during the deposition of the Zor diamictite. The recovered palynomorph assemblage includes Leiosphaeridia spp., Kildinosphaera verrucata, Trachyhystrichosphaera sp., the filamentous cyanophyte Taeniatum sp., the clusters of simple, spheroidal forms Myxococcoides sp., and the colonial cyanobacteria Synsphaeridium sp. This palynomorph assemblage suggests a Neoproterozoic age for the Zor diamictite of the Ramsu Formation.

Acceptance Date Feb 7, 2020
Publication Date May 15, 2020
Journal Journal of the Geological Society of India
Print ISSN 0016-7622
Publisher Springer Verlag
Pages 447-454
Keywords Organic matter, palynomorphs, neoproterozoic zor diamictite, ramsu formation, India.
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