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An open data infrastructure for the study of anthropogenic hazards linked to georesource exploitation

Orlecka-Sikora, Beata; Lasocki, Stanisław; Kocot, Joanna; Szepieniec, Tomasz; Garcia-Aristizabal, Alexander; Schaming, Marc; Urban, Paweł; Jones, Glenda; Stimpson, Ian; Dineva, Savka; Sałek, Piotr; Leptokaropoulos, Konstantinos; Lizurek, Grzegorz; Olszewska, Dorota; Schmittbuhl, Jean; Kwiatek, Grzegorz; Blanke, Aglaja; Chodzińska, Karolina; Rudziński, Łukasz; Dobrzycka, Izabela; Mutke, Grzegorz; Barański, Adam; Pierzyna, Aleksandra; Kozlovskaya, Elena; Nevalainen, Jouni; Kinscher, Jannes; Sileny, Jan; Sterzel, Mariusz; Cielesta, Szymon; Fischer, Tomas

An open data infrastructure for the study of anthropogenic hazards linked to georesource exploitation Thumbnail


Beata Orlecka-Sikora

Stanisław Lasocki

Joanna Kocot

Tomasz Szepieniec

Alexander Garcia-Aristizabal

Marc Schaming

Paweł Urban

Savka Dineva

Piotr Sałek

Konstantinos Leptokaropoulos

Grzegorz Lizurek

Dorota Olszewska

Jean Schmittbuhl

Grzegorz Kwiatek

Aglaja Blanke

Karolina Chodzińska

Łukasz Rudziński

Izabela Dobrzycka

Grzegorz Mutke

Adam Barański

Aleksandra Pierzyna

Elena Kozlovskaya

Jouni Nevalainen

Jannes Kinscher

Jan Sileny

Mariusz Sterzel

Szymon Cielesta

Tomas Fischer


Mining, water-reservoir impoundment, underground gas storage, geothermal energy exploitation and hydrocarbon extraction have the potential to cause rock deformation and earthquakes, which may be hazardous for people, infrastructure and the environment. Restricted access to data constitutes a barrier to assessing and mitigating the associated hazards. Thematic Core Service Anthropogenic Hazards (TCS AH) of the European Plate
Observing System (EPOS) provides a novel e-research infrastructure. The core of this infrastructure, the Induced Seismicity IS-EPOS Platform (, is connected to international data storage nodes offering open access to large grouped datasets (here termed
episodes), comprising geoscientific and associated data from industrial activity along with a large set of embedded applications for their efficient data processing, analysis and visualization. The novel team-working features of the IS-EPOS Platform facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary scientific research, public understanding of science, citizen science applications, knowledge dissemination, data-informed policy-making and the teaching of anthropogenic hazards related to georesource exploitation. TCS AH is one of 10 thematic core services forming EPOS, a solid earth science European Research Infrastructure Consortium
(ERIC) (


Orlecka-Sikora, B., Lasocki, S., Kocot, J., Szepieniec, T., Robert Grasso, J., Garcia-Aristizabal, A., …Fischer, T. (2020). An open data infrastructure for the study of anthropogenic hazards linked to georesource exploitation. Scientific Data,

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Feb 27, 2020
Publication Date Mar 11, 2020
Publicly Available Date Jun 26, 2023
Journal Scientific Data
Publisher Nature Publishing Group
Keywords infrastructure, anthropogenic hazards, georesource exploitation, seismology, tectonics
Publisher URL


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