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Complexities of Polish migrant's citizenship attributions in the context of Brexit and the Scottish Independence Referendums


This article focuses on the experiences of Scotland's largest foreign-born minority group, namely Poles, in the run-up to the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014 and subsequently the UK's EU Referendum. Through exploring Polish migrant residents initial responses and experiences with regard to both referendums, this article (1) outlines perspectives on blurred and contested boundaries and formations of citizenships and (2) the implications of complex and changing relations between citizenship attributions (e.g. political participation, legal status of citizenship and sense of belonging) on the process of citizenship formation. This article therefore offers a greater understanding of the transformation of traditional state-centric concepts of citizenship rights into the shifting borders and character of citizenship formation during the times of political uncertainties.

Acceptance Date Aug 17, 2020
Publication Date Aug 17, 2020
Journal Scottish Affairs
Print ISSN 0966-0356
Publisher Edinburgh University Press
Pages 386 - 402
Keywords citizenship; settlement; sense of belonging; political participation; Polish migrants
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