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The Changing Position of Legal Academics in the United Kingdom: Professionalization or Proletarianization?


This article analyses changes to United Kingdom (UK) university law schools during the period coinciding with Phil Thomas’ career as a law teacher – the latter part of the twentieth century and the first two decades of the twenty-first – in part illustrating the analysis with other examples from Thomas’ career. We will focus specifically on the way in which what it means to be a legal academic has altered, with UK legal academics having been professionalized as a community during this era. Yet, seemingly paradoxically, it is also an era during which, many have suggested, academics in UK universities have become a proletariat.

Acceptance Date Nov 23, 2020
Publication Date Nov 23, 2020
Journal Journal of Law and Society
Print ISSN 0263-323X
Publisher Wiley
Pages S227-S243
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