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Kant's 'World': an interpretation of a central idea in the Three Critiques

Orlander, Sebastian Olof Juliusz


Sebastian Olof Juliusz Orlander


Sorin Baiasu


This thesis examines the idea of world in Kant’s Critical philosophy. This is a central idea in the Kantian corpus and plays an important role in different contexts. While interpretations of Kant’s philosophy tend to emphasize the theoretical aspect of the notion, this thesis will examine how ‘world’ also structures Kant’s moral philosophy. I argue that examining the wider context where this idea is applied leads to a more comprehensive understanding of Kant’s philosophy as a whole. In particular, understanding how this idea functions allows us to examine Kant’s theory of the regulative use of the ideas of reason as it applies outside of the area of guiding scientific inquiry. Focusing on the analogical use of ideas to regulate rational activity, I show that Kant also uses the idea to conceive of the world as if it were structured according to moral laws rather than natural laws. Furthermore, the thesis examines how Kant conceives of the world as a teleologically structured whole where natural processes are seen as preparing the way for beings that are receptive to moral incentives and can regulate their behavior according to moral laws.


Orlander, S. O. J. (2021). Kant's 'World': an interpretation of a central idea in the Three Critiques. (Thesis). Keele University

Thesis Type Thesis
Additional Information Embargo on access until 23 November 2026 - The thesis is due for publication, or the author is actively seeking to publish this material.
Award Date 2021-12

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