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Peatland Protection. The Science: Four Key Reports


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Fundamental changes to the evidence base now disagrees with previous science These changes should inform policy and any proposed regulation change, the England Peatland Strategy and Natural England’s position on restoration burning ? Burned areas of blanket bog ARE capable of carbon capture. ? Production of charcoal during managed burning has a POSITIVE impact on long-term
carbon storage.
? Burning DOES NOT cause water discolouration
? Controlled burning reduces fuel loads and helps PREVENT AND LIMIT WILDFIRES
? Over abundance of heather is LIMITED by burning. Environmentally important Sphagnum MOSS RECOVERS from ‘cool’ managed burning within three years.

Natural England reviewed the science evidence base on heather burning up to 2013 and found it damaging for water colour, carbon storage and biodiversity. Following a dispute resolution process, NE and MA undertook to review the science from 2013- present following an agreed and consistent method. Peer Review was conducted by an independent scientist of NE’s choosing.

Acceptance Date Jul 1, 2020
Publication Date Jul 1, 2020
Journal The Uplands Partnership
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