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Use of a Percutaneous Ventricular Assist Device/Left Atrium to Femoral Artery Bypass System for Cardiogenic Shock.




The left atrial to femoral artery bypass (LAFAB) system is a mechanical circulatory support (MCS) device used in cardiogenic shock (CS) that bypasses the left ventricle by draining blood from the left atrium (LA) and returning it to the systemic arterial circulation via the femoral artery. It can provide flows ranging from 2.5-5 L/min depending on the size of the cannula. Here, we discuss the mechanism of action of LAFAB, available clinical data, indications for its use in cardiogenic shock, steps of implantation, post-procedural care, and complications associated with the use of this device and their management. We also provide a brief video of the procedural component of device therapy, including the pre-placement preparation, percutaneous placement of the device via transseptal puncture under echocardiographic guidance and the post-operative management of device parameters.

Acceptance Date Aug 16, 2021
Publication Date Aug 16, 2021
Journal JOVE Medicine
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