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Educational forensic e-gaming as effective learning environments for Higher Education students

Pringle, Jamie K.; Bracegirdle, Luke; Potter, Jackie A.


Luke Bracegirdle

Jackie A. Potter


Current Higher Education undergraduates are mostly so-called generation ‘Y’ students who have grown up with computer technologies and computer gaming. As such, learning resources that employ computer game interfaces and design provide a familiar experience to the HE learner and can provide benefits over traditional science education learning and teaching methods. Such technologies assist with effective knowledge transfer, including assimilation and understanding of new information and, perhaps more importantly, the application of knowledge to new situations and environments. This chapter details the learning and teaching environment of a forensic science e-game developed by the authors using computer game software development tools and design skills. The game is based on one solved forensic search case. E-game users are immersed in a virtual forensic search; users progressively work through search phases as they would in the real world, which include both desk-based and actual search phases within specific budget and time frames. Users become immersed in the virtual gaming environment, collecting datasets and pinpointing potential burial sites. If successful, users then gain job satisfaction involving virtual promotion! Keele University undergraduate and post-graduate research students used both quantitative and qualitative methods to evidence educational e-gaming as an effective learning environment complementary to more traditional learning methods. They found increased understanding of difficult concepts, more rapid learning, better appreciation of real-world problems, statistically significant improved knowledge of forensic search and honing of research skills. The e-game is delivered through a web-site and is freely accessible from the books website.


Pringle, J. K., Bracegirdle, L., & Potter, J. A. (2017). Educational forensic e-gaming as effective learning environments for Higher Education students. In Forensic Science Education and Training (119-136). Wiley.

Online Publication Date Apr 7, 2017
Publication Date Jun 30, 2017
Publisher Wiley
Pages 119-136
Book Title Forensic Science Education and Training
Chapter Number 9
ISBN 9781118689233
Keywords Educational e-gaming, Generation Y, digital technology, forensic search, serious games, computer simulation
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