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Change in the Political Economy of Land Value Capture in England




Variations in the character, performance and impact of policies and practices to capture land value for the community are usually examined by analysing experience in different countries. Such international comparative research is cross-sectional and does not cover the evolving relations between systems of land value capture and the economies, polities and societies within which they are set. The paper examines the relations in England between the extant political economy and supporting ideologies, and the distinctive forms of land value capture that they produced. It traces the shift from a top-down, strategic approach in an era of corporatist government before 1979 to the subsequent extension and consolidation of bottom-up practice set within the context of neoliberalism. The analysis highlights the evolution of the idea of land value capture and the policies and practices associated with it, especially the contestation that informed such changes.


Catney. (2019). Change in the Political Economy of Land Value Capture in England. Town Planning Review, 339-358.

Acceptance Date May 2, 2019
Publication Date Jul 26, 2019
Journal Town Planning Review
Print ISSN 0041-0020
Publisher Liverpool University Press
Pages 339-358
Keywords political economy; land value capture; corporatism; neo-liberalism; planning obligations; development value tax
Publisher URL