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Is Mind-Body Physicalism Really Compatible with Modern Physics?

Austin, James

Is Mind-Body Physicalism Really Compatible with Modern Physics? Thumbnail



If we take seriously literal interpretations of quantum theory and general relativity then the question posed in the title is no. This article highlights where incompatibilities arise by considering our experience in the context of modern physics. Implied nonmaterial minds possess properties that no physical entities do by being both transtemporal and localised in the configuration space. The principle of localisation (PL) is proposed, and is used to show that there is no need to resort to the Everett interpretation to show that minds exist outside of physics, post relativity physics is enough. However, in this regime, there is no free will, minds are destined to experience a pre-determined but unknown future. Free will is restored when we reinstate pure wave theories in line with Everett.


Austin, J. (2023). Is Mind-Body Physicalism Really Compatible with Modern Physics?. In Hidden Aspects of Time. Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Acceptance Date Mar 2, 2020
Publication Date Feb 13, 2023
Publicly Available Date May 26, 2023
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Book Title Hidden Aspects of Time
ISBN 978-1-5275-9311-4; 978-1-0364-0112-2
Keywords Configuration space, dualism, physicalism, quantum mechanics, relativity, timelessness
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