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Indium Selenides: From the growth to the exploitation


Indium selenides are attracting great attention due to their desirable electronic and optical properties. From materials growth and property exploration to device applications, In-Se compounds have been extensively investigated. However, there are still great challenges on scalable production and to control the stoichiometry and phases of the layers. Moreover, different phases may coexist within a same flake. Here I demonstrate the epitaxial growth by physical vapor transport (PVT) of large-area (> 10³ µm²) uniform layers of InxSey on GaSe vdW crystals with stoichiometry and phase that can be controlled by the temperature within the PVT furnace.


Balakrishnan. Indium Selenides: From the growth to the exploitation. Presented at Graphene Week

Conference Name Graphene Week
Acceptance Date Aug 18, 2021
Publication Date Sep 20, 2021
Series Title Graphene Week
Publisher URL