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A model for assessing the efficacy of colour vision aids

A model for assessing the efficacy of colour vision aids Thumbnail


Optical filter aids are marketed which claim to improve colour discrimination in red-green colour vision defectives. An earlier model has been revised and used to assess 9 currently available aids. Spectral reflectances (400-700 nm) for 80 colours equally spaced in hue angle at four equally spaced saturations were synthesised from chromatically adjacent Munsell colours. Aid induced chromaticity changes for Protanomals and Deuteranomals were calculated. Five aids enhanced red-green discrimination significantly for Protanomals and six for Deuteranomals and one aid reduced it significantly for both defectives. Five aids enhanced blue-yellow discrimination in Protanomals and Deuteranomals for whom it is not needed.

Acceptance Date Jul 2, 2022
Publication Date Jul 15, 2022
Print ISSN 1094-4087
Publisher Optical Society of America
Pages 27903 - 27911
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