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Directed and conditional uterus donation.





Uterus transplantation (UTx) is highly anticipated for the benefits that it might bring to individuals wanting to carry a pregnancy in order to reproduce who do not have a functioning uterus. The surgery-now having been performed successfully in several countries around the world-remains experimental. However, UTx is at some point expected to become a routine treatment for people without a uterus and considering themselves in need of one: women with absolute uterine factor infertility; transgender women; and even cisgender men who wish to gestate. Given the unique benefits UTx offers, uteri are likely to be 'in demand', and such demand, we suggest, will feasibly outstrip supply. Therefore, allocation of those uteri available for transplant may become a pressing issue. In this paper, we consider one aspect of organ allocation-the preferences of donors in making a directed or conditional donation of their uterus. To what extent, in the context of uterus donation, would such donations be ethically permissible?


Parsons. (2022). Directed and conditional uterus donation. Journal of Medical Ethics, 810 - 815.

Acceptance Date Apr 11, 2022
Publication Date Apr 22, 2022
Journal Journal of Medical Ethics
Print ISSN 0306-6800
Publisher BMJ Publishing Group
Pages 810 - 815
Publisher URL