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Seager, N



AJ Rivero

G Justice


Written with general readers and students in mind, the essays in this volume provide up-to-date knowledge about eighteenth-century literature, culture, and history in a high quality, clearly written, but completely accessible form.

Defoe came to professional writing amidst the first ’Age of Party’, when Tories and Whigs debated fundamental questions about the nature of government, the religious settlement, and international relations. Poets, pamphleteers, and periodical journalists scrutinized and speculated upon affairs of state in an expanding print culture, seeking to shape public debate, often on behalf of politicians. Defoe was among the most prolific and percipient commentators of his day but also one of the most vilified, being employed alternately by Whig and Tory ministries and hence denounced as a hack and a hireling. This chapter attests to Defoe’s underlying political principles: the 1688 Revolution’s establishment of contractarian government, the Protestant succession and toleration of Nonconformity, and a balance of power in Europe. But it also shows his varying degrees of success in remaining consistent at a time when circumstances forced him to expediencies and compromises which have shaped his legacy.


Seager, N. (2023). Politics. In A. Rivero, & G. Justice (Eds.), Daniel Defoe in Context (155--162). Cambridge University Press.

Online Publication Date Apr 27, 2023
Publication Date 2023-02
Deposit Date Jul 4, 2023
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 155--162
Book Title Daniel Defoe in Context
Chapter Number 19
ISBN 110887214X, 9781108872140
Keywords Daniel Defoe; political parties; politics
Publisher URL