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Overview of Forensic Geophysics With Terrestrial Case Studies

Pringle, JK



This presentation will initially give some background on the current forensic geophysical methods and where they are utilised in the search arena for both civil and criminal investigations. The second part of the talk will then discuss the main geoforensic applications, from the search for clandestine burials of murder victims, unmarked graves in graveyards and cemeteries, to environmental forensics and the search for other items of forensic interest (weapons, explosives, drugs/arms caches, etc.). Detail will also be given on controlled research, which looks at optimum search method(s) and equipment configuration(s), depending upon target, time since burial and numerous site-specific factors. Discussion will also detail the standard sequential investigation methods (following best practice as for conventional geotechnical/mining etc which others will present), involving a thorough review of case information/intelligence and desktop study; remote sensing/reconnaissance and full surveys using appropriate use of geophysical tools, before recommendation for intrusive excavation teams, with close liaison with search personnel and other scientists as required.


Pringle, J. (2017, November). Overview of Forensic Geophysics With Terrestrial Case Studies

Presentation Conference Type Other
Conference Location BGS Keyworth, Nottingham
Start Date Nov 11, 2017
Deposit Date Jun 12, 2023