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The Lay Summary in Medical Research Proposals - is it becoming more important?

The Lay Summary in Medical Research Proposals - is it becoming more important? Thumbnail


One of the skills every researcher must learn is how to present complex ideas and medical or scientific terms to a “lay” audience, for example members of the public, carers, long-term users of services, organisations representing consumers’ interests, members of the public who are the potential receipients of health promotion programmes or those from a different clinical or academic background to their own. This poster will examine: 1. What is a lay summary? A brief summary of a research project or a research proposal ... written for a lay audience , rather than researchers or professionals ... written in plain English ... avoiding the use of jargon ... explaining any technical terms. 2. The three purposes of a lay summary: • Grant and Ethical review, in particular to ensure a project is accessible by laypersons who are becoming more involved in the peer review process in some funders e.g. National Institute for Health Research – Research for Patient Benefit scheme • Public understanding of science, particularly important for fundraising charities • Raising and justifying funds from government for science to underpin improvements in healthcare 3. What should a lay summary contain? The role of the lay summary is changing, and for many funders it is clearly becoming more important, for example the Arthritis Research Campaign are putting projects to a lay audience for assessment before scientific peer review.

Publication Date Jul 1, 2010
Series Title Making an Impact


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