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The Chandra/HETG view of NGC 1365 in a Compton-thick state

The Chandra/HETG view of NGC 1365 in a Compton-thick state Thumbnail


We present the analysis of a Chandra High-Energy Transmission Grating (HETG) observation of the local Seyfert galaxy NGC 1365. The source, well known for its dramatic X-ray spectral variability, was caught in a reflection-dominated, Compton-thick state. The high spatial resolution afforded by Chandra allowed us to isolate the soft X-ray emission from the active nucleus, neglecting most of the contribution from the kpc-scale starburst ring. The HETG spectra thus revealed a wealth of He- and H-like lines from photoionized gas, whereas in larger aperture observations these are almost exclusively produced through collisional ionization in the circumnuclear environment. Once the residual thermal component is accounted for, the emission-line properties of the photoionized region close to the hard X-ray continuum source indicate that NGC 1365 has some similarities to the local population of obscured active galaxies. In spite of the limited overall data quality, several soft X-ray lines seem to have fairly broad profiles (~800-1300 km/s full-width at half maximum), and a range of outflow velocities (up to ~1600 km/s, but possibly reaching a few thousands km/s) appears to be involved. At higher energies, the K$\alpha$ fluorescence line from neutral iron is resolved with > 99 per cent confidence, and its width of ~3000 km/s points to an origin from the same broad-line region clouds responsible for eclipsing the X-ray source and likely shielding the narrow-line region.


Nardini, E., Gofford, J., Reeves, J. N., Braito, V., Risaliti, G., & Costa, M. (2015). The Chandra/HETG view of NGC 1365 in a Compton-thick state. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 453(3), 2558-2568.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Aug 4, 2015
Publication Date Nov 1, 2015
Journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Print ISSN 0035-8711
Publisher Oxford University Press
Volume 453
Issue 3
Pages 2558-2568
Keywords identification galaxies, active galaxies, individual, NGC 1365 X-rays, galaxies
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