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The globalization of neoliberal violence and its implications for International Criminal justice in Africa


The article critically engages with the logics of neoliberal economics, not only as a specific form of violence, but also one whose toxic mix with the nature of the post-colonial African state neutralizes any revolutionary effort to redress rampant injustice. Critique of the role of neoliberalism on international justice in Africa is aimed at rendering the specific ways in obsession with subjective violence- that is violence, with an identifiable (prosecutable) agent- normalises and also neutralises any revolutionary gesture in the international system (including in ad hoc UN tribunals and at the International Criminal Court), but also how, in this sense, the post-colonial African state has been rendered as the platform par excellence for testing out the limits of neoliberal exceptionalism.

Acceptance Date Mar 1, 2019
Publication Date Apr 17, 2019
Journal African Journal of Democracy and Governance
Print ISSN 2313-6529
Pages 189-214
Keywords International Criminal Court, International Criminal Justice, Language, Externality, capital, Africa, Neoliberalism, violence
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