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Advances by the Marie Curie project TANGO in thermoacoustics


Advances by the Marie Curie project TANGO in thermoacoustics Thumbnail



This paper gives an overview of the research performed by the project TANGO – an Initial Training Network (ITN) with an international consortium of seven academic and five industrial partners. TANGO is the acronym for ‘Thermoacoustic and Aeroacoustic Nonlinearities in Green combustors with Orifice structures’). The researchers in TANGO studied many of the intricate physical processes that are involved in thermoacoustic instabilities. The paper is structured in such a way that each section describes a topic investigated by one or more researchers. The topics include:

- transition from combustion noise to thermoacoustic instability

- development of an early-warning system by detecting the precursor of an instability

- analytical flame models based on time-lags

- Green's function approach for stability predictions from nonlinear flame models

- intrinsic thermoacoustic modes

- transport phenomena in swirl waves

- model of the flame front as a moving discontinuity

- development of efficient numerical codes for instability predictions

- heat exchanger tubes inside a combustion chamber

A substantial amount of valuable new insight was gained during this four-year project.


Heckl. (2019). Advances by the Marie Curie project TANGO in thermoacoustics. International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics,

Acceptance Date Jan 23, 2019
Publication Date May 21, 2019
Journal International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics
Print ISSN 1756-8277
Publisher SAGE Publications
Keywords Analytical flame models, early-warning system, Green's function, heat exchanger, intrinsic modes, Marie Curie Project TANGO, moving heat sources, thermoacoustics research, transitions between dynamical states, transport phenomena
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