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Rayleigh-type waves on a coated elastic half-space with a clamped surface

Kaplunov; Prikazchikov

Rayleigh-type waves on a coated elastic half-space with a clamped surface Thumbnail



Elastodynamics of a half-space coated by a thin soft layer with a clamped upper face is considered. The focus is on the analysis of localised waves that do not exist on a clamped homogeneous halfspace. Non-traditional effective boundary conditions along the substrate surface incorporating the effect of the coating are derived using a long-wave
high-frequency procedure. The derived conditions are implemented within the framework of the earlier developed specialised formulation for surface waves, resulting in a perturbation of the shortened equation of surface motion in the form of an
integral or pseudo-differential operator. Non-uniform asymptotic formula for the speeds of the sought for Rayleigh-type waves, failing near zero frequency and the thickness resonances of a layer with both clamped faces, follow from the aforementioned perturbed equation. Asymptotic results are compared with the numerical solutions of the full dispersion relation for a clamped coated half-space. A similarity with Love-type waves proves to be useful for interpreting numerical data.

Acceptance Date Jun 10, 2019
Publication Date Sep 2, 2019
Journal Philosophical Transactions A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
Print ISSN 1364-503X
Publisher The Royal Society
Keywords Rayleigh wave, thin coating, contrast, clamped surface, asymptotic
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