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MASTREE+: time-series of plant reproductive effort from six continents.


Significant gaps remain in understanding the response of plant reproduction to environmental change. This is partly because measuring reproduction in long-lived plants requires direct observation over many years and such datasets have rarely been made publicly available. Here we introduce MASTREE+, a dataset that collates reproductive time-series data from across the globe and makes these data freely available to the community. MASTREE+ includes 73,828 georeferenced observations of annual reproduction (e.g., seed and fruit counts) in perennial plant populations worldwide. These observations consist of 5,971 population-level time-series from 974 species in 66 countries. The mean and median time-series length is 12.4 and 10 years respectively, and the dataset includes 1,122 series that extend over at least two decades (>=20 years of observations). For a subset of well-studied species, MASTREE+ includes extensive replication of time-series across geographical and climatic gradients. Here we describe the open-access dataset, available as a .csv file, and we introduce an associated web-based app for data exploration. MASTREE+ will provide the basis for improved understanding of the response of long-lived plant reproduction to environmental change. Additionally, MASTREE+ will enable investigation of the ecology and evolution of reproductive strategies in perennial plants, and the role of plant reproduction as a driver of ecosystem dynamics.

Acceptance Date Feb 16, 2022
Publication Date Feb 16, 2022
Journal Global Change Biology
Print ISSN 1354-1013
Publisher Wiley
Pages 3066-3082
Keywords demography; flowering; general flowering; masting; plant reproduction; recruitment; regeneration
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