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Why the attempt to bury metaphysics failed




Logical positivism famously dismissed metaphysics as meaningless. It failed to satisfy the verification criterion, according to which for any statement to be meaningful, it has to be able to be verified empirically. As positivists like A.J. Ayer argued, there are no facts that can verify metaphysical theories like idealism and realism, one way or another. This influential critique was responsible for the dismissal of metaphysics in analytic philosophy for decades. But instead of successfully burying metaphysics, logical positivism in fact ends up espousing a metaphysics of its own, argues Giussepina D’Oro.


D'Oro. (2022). Why the attempt to bury metaphysics failed

Acceptance Date Oct 24, 2022
Publication Date Oct 24, 2022
Publicly Available Date Oct 25, 2024
Journal IAI News
Publisher URL