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Community knowledge networks: An action-orientated approach to energy research

Robinson, ZP; Ross, S; Catney, PJJ; Dobson, A; Hall, S; Hards, S; MacGregor, S; Ormerod, M

Community knowledge networks: An action-orientated approach to energy research Thumbnail


S Ross

A Dobson

S Hall

S Hards

S MacGregor


The Climate Change Act 2008 commits the UK to reducing carbon emissions by 80 percent of 1990 levels by 2050. With household emissions constituting more than a quarter of current total energy use in the UK, energy practices in the home have taken on increased policy attention. In this paper we argue that the UK government’s approach is founded upon a variant of methodological individualism that assumes that providing greater energy information to individuals will effect behaviour change in relation to energy use. Such an approach is potentially limited in its effectiveness and does not afford appropriate recognition to all those affected by energy policy. In contrast to this approach, we set out an alternative perspective, a Community Knowledge Networks (CKN) approach to energy and justice which recognises the contexts and relationships in which people live and use energy. Such an approach emphases situated knowledge and practices in order gain a greater understanding how individuals and communities use energy, but, importantly, offers a means for affording greater recognitional justice to different social groups.

Acceptance Date Jan 10, 2013
Publication Date Jan 10, 2013
Journal Local Environment
Print ISSN 1354-9839
Publisher Routledge
Publisher URL


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