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Outcomes of rotational atherectomy versus orbital atherectomy for the treatment of heavily calcified coronary stenosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis.




INTRODUCTION: The optimal approach to deal with severe coronary artery calcification (CAC) during percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) remains ill-defined. METHODS: We conducted an electronic database search of all published studies comparing Orbital versus Rotational Atherectomy in patients undergoing PCI. RESULTS: Eight observational studies were included in the analysis. Overall, there were no significant differences in Major-adverse-cardiac-events/MACE (OR: 0.81, CI: 0.63-1.05, p = .11), myocardial-infarction/MI (OR: 0.75, CI: 0.56-1.00, p = .05), all-cause mortality (OR: 0.82, CI: 0.25-2.64, p = .73) or Target-vessel-revascularization/TVR (OR: 0.72, CI: 0.38-1.36, p = .31). However, OA was associated with lower long-term MACE (1-year), (OR: 0.66, CI: 0.44-0.99, p = .04), long-term TVR (OR: 0.40, CI: 0.18-0.89, p = .03), and short-term MI (in-hospital and 30-day) (OR: 0.64, CI: 0.44-0.94, p = .02). OA was associated with more coronary artery dissections (OR: 2.61, CI: 1.38-4.92, p = .003) and device-related coronary perforations (OR: 2.79, CI: 1.08-7.19, p = .03). There were no differences in cardiac tamponade (OR: 1.78, CI: 0.37-8.69, p = .47). OA was noted to have significantly lower fluoroscopy time (MD: -3.96 min, CI: -7.67, -0.25; p = .04) compared to RA. No significant difference was noted in terms of contrast volume between the two groups (OR: -4.35?ml, CI: -14.52, 23.22; p = .65). CONCLUSION: Although there was no difference in overall MACE, MI, all-cause mortality and TVR, OA was associated with lower long-term MACE and short-term MI. OA is associated with lower fluoroscopy time but higher rates of coronary artery dissection and coronary perforation.

Acceptance Date Nov 29, 2020
Publication Date Nov 1, 2021
Journal Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
Print ISSN 1522-1946
Publisher Wiley
Pages 884 - 892
Publisher URL