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NuGrid: s process in massive stars

Frischknecht, Urs; Thielemann, F-K; Pignatari, Marco; Bennett, Michael; Diehl, Steven; Fryer, CL; Herwig, Falk; Hungerford, Aimee; Magkotsios, Georgios; Rockefeller, Gabriel; Timmes, FX; Young, Patrick; Hirschi, Raphael

NuGrid: s process in massive stars Thumbnail


Urs Frischknecht

F-K Thielemann

Marco Pignatari

Michael Bennett

Steven Diehl

CL Fryer

Falk Herwig

Aimee Hungerford

Georgios Magkotsios

Gabriel Rockefeller

FX Timmes

Patrick Young


The s-process production in massive stars at very low metallicities is expected to be negligible due to the low abundance of the neutron source 22Ne, to primary neutron poisons and decreasing iron seed abundances. However, recent models of massive stars including the effects of rotation show that a strong production of 22Ne is possible in the helium core, as a consequence of the primary nitrogen production (observed in halo metal poor stars). Using the PPN post-processing code, we studied the impact of this primary 22Ne on the s process. We find a large production of s elements between strontium and barium, starting with the amount of primary 22Ne predicted by stellar models. There are several key reaction rate uncertainties influencing the s-process efficiency. Among them, 17O(alpha,gamma) may play a crucial role strongly influencing the s process efficiency, or it may play a negligible role, according to the rate used in the calculations. We also report on the development of a new parallel (MPI) post-processing code (MPPNP) designed to follow the complete nucleosynthesis in stars on highly resolved grids. We present here the first post-processing run from the ZAMS up to the end of helium burning for a 15 solar mass model.


Frischknecht, U., Thielemann, F., -K. Thielemann, F., Pignatari, M., Bennett, M., Diehl, S., …Hirschi, R. NuGrid: s process in massive stars. Manuscript submitted for publication

Journal Article Type Article
Conference Name 10th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos
Conference Location Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA
Publicly Available Date May 26, 2023
Keywords Astrophysics


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