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On the non-variability of HR 7653 (15 Vul) based on BRITE data


On the non-variability of HR 7653 (15 Vul) based on BRITE data Thumbnail



We present space-based BRITE photometric observations of the metallic line (CP1) star HR 7653 (15 Vul). This chemically peculiar star of the upper main sequence was suspected to show variability due to rotation and a magnetic field. Such a variabilityis quite unusual among the, in general, non-magnetic CP1 stars. We investigated the astrophysical parameters of HR 7653 placing it close to the terminal age main sequence or even in the subgiant phase. The longest BRITE data set has a time base of 18.01 d from which we conclude that there are no coherent long-period variations (>1 d) visible above 2.1mmag in the red and 6.6mmag in the blue. Furthermore, we searched for Scuti type pulsations. On the basis of a discrete Fourier analysis method, we find no peaks in the Fourier spectra above 0.5mmag and 8.6mmag, for the red and blue filters, respectively.

Acceptance Date Aug 3, 2017
Publication Date Feb 1, 2018
Journal Bulgarian Astronomical Journal
Print ISSN 1314-5592
Pages 27-36
Keywords stars, early-type, fundamental parameters, techniques, photometric


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