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Silver Nanoparticle-Mediated Therapies in the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

Foulkes, R; Ali Asgari, M; Curtis, A; Hoskins, C


R Foulkes

M Ali Asgari

C Hoskins


Pancreatic cancer is an extremely aggressive disease for which patient prognosis is poor and survival is extremely unlikely. It is an extremely under-represented cancer in the research field, due to the dense tumors formed and complexities surrounding treatment requirements. The use of nanomedicines in cancer therapy has been explored over the past few decades. Such nanomedicines are slowly coming to fruition in the clinical setting. One such platform which may possess promise in the fight against pancreatic cancer is the use of colloidal silver. Silver nanoparticles have shown potential in other cancer types over a host of treatment strategies and these are likely to be translatable into pancreatic cancer. This review will focus on the potential use of silver nanoparticles in pancreatic cancer therapy, reporting on a range of different strategies being employed which may be directly applicable in improving the clinical outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients.

Acceptance Date Mar 12, 2019
Publication Date Apr 26, 2019
Journal ACS Applied Nano Materials
Print ISSN 2574-0970
Publisher American Chemical Society
Pages 1758-1772
Keywords Pancreatic cancer, silver nanoparticles, cancer therapy, thermal therapy, antimicrobial, drug delivery
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