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Relation of High-Sensitivity Troponin to 1 Year Mortality in 20,000 Consecutive Hospital Patients Undergoing a Blood Test for Any Reason.

Hinton, Jonathan; Mariathas, Mark; Gabara, Lavinia; Allan, Rick; Nicholas, Zoe; Shing Kwok, Chun; Ramamoorthy, Sanjay; Calver, Alison; Corbett, Simon; Rawlins, John; Simpson, Iain; Wilkinson, James; Sirohi, Rohit; Mahmoudi, Michael; Martin, Glen P.; Cook, Paul; Mamas, Mamas A.; Curzen, Nick


Jonathan Hinton

Mark Mariathas

Lavinia Gabara

Rick Allan

Zoe Nicholas

Chun Shing Kwok

Sanjay Ramamoorthy

Alison Calver

Simon Corbett

John Rawlins

Iain Simpson

James Wilkinson

Rohit Sirohi

Michael Mahmoudi

Glen P. Martin

Paul Cook

Nick Curzen


This was an observational study of the 1-year outcomes of the 20,000 patients included in the original CHARIOT study. The aim of the study was to assess the association between high sensitivity troponin I (hs-cTnI) concentration and 1 year mortality in this cohort. The original CHARIOT study included a consecutive cohort of in- and out-patients undergoing blood tests for any reason. Hs-cTnI concentrations were measured regardless of whether the clinician requested them. These results were nested and not revealed to the team unless requested for clinical reasons. One year mortality data was obtained from NHS Digital as originally planned. Overall, 1782 (8.9%) patients had died at 1 year. Multivariable Cox regression analysis showed that a hs-cTnI concentration above the upper limit of normal was independently associated with the hazard of mortality (HR 2.23; 95% confidence intervals 1.97 to 2.52). Furthermore, the log (10) hs-cTnI concentration was independently associated with the hazard of 1 year mortality (HR 1.77; 95% confidence intervals 1.64 to 1.91). In conclusion, in a large, unselected hospital population of both in- and out-patients, in 18,282 (91.4%) of whom there was no clinical indication for testing, hs-cTnI concentration was associated with 1 year mortality.

Acceptance Date Jul 12, 2021
Publication Date Nov 1, 2021
Journal The American Journal of Cardiology
Print ISSN 0002-9149
Publisher Elsevier
Pages 124 - 131
Publisher URL