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19 F labelled glycosaminoglycan probes for solution NMR and non-linear (CARS) microscopy

Lima, Marcelo A.; Cavalheiro, Renan P.; Viana, Gustavo M.; Meneghetti, Maria C.Z.; Rudd, Timothy R.; Skidmore, Mark; Powell, Andrew K.; Yates, Edwin A.

19 F labelled glycosaminoglycan probes for solution NMR and non-linear (CARS) microscopy Thumbnail


Renan P. Cavalheiro

Gustavo M. Viana

Maria C.Z. Meneghetti

Timothy R. Rudd

Andrew K. Powell

Edwin A. Yates


Studying polysaccharide-protein interactions under physiological conditions by conventional techniques is challenging. Ideally, macromolecules could be followed by both in vitro spectroscopy experiments as well as in tissues using microscopy, to enable a proper comparison of results over these different scales but, often, this is not feasible. The cell surface and extracellular matrix polysaccharides, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) lack groups that can be detected selectively in the biological milieu. The introduction of 19F labels into GAG polysaccharides is explored and the interaction of a labelled GAG with the heparin-binding protein, antithrombin, employing 19F NMR spectroscopy is followed. Furthermore, the ability of 19F labelled GAGs to be imaged using CARS microscopy is demonstrated. 19F labelled GAGs enable both 19F NMR protein-GAG binding studies in solution at the molecular level and non-linear microscopy at a microscopic scale to be conducted on the same material, essentially free of background signals.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Aug 9, 2016
Publication Date Aug 15, 2016
Publicly Available Date May 26, 2023
Journal Glycoconjugate Journal
Print ISSN 0282-0080
Publisher Springer Verlag
Volume 34
Pages 405-410
Keywords Heparin, NMR, 19F, Non-linear microscopy
Publisher URL\%2Fs10719-016-9723-x#enumeration


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