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Porfolio size, non-trading frequency and portfolio return autocorrelation

Porfolio size, non-trading frequency and portfolio return autocorrelation Thumbnail


In this paper we re-examine the relationship between non-trading frequency and portfolio return autocorrelation. We show that in portfolios where security specific effects have not been completely diversified, portfolio autocorrelation will not increase monotonically with increasing non-trading, as indicated in Lo and MacKinlay (1990). We show that at high levels of non-trading, portfolio autocorrelation will become a decreasing function of non-trading probability and may take negative values. We find that heterogeneity among the means, variances and betas of the component securities in a portfolio can act to increase the induced autocorrelation, particularly in portfolios containing fewer stocks. Security specific effects remain even when the number of securities in the portfolio is far in excess of that considered necessary to diversify security risk.

Acceptance Date Jul 4, 2014
Publication Date Jul 14, 2014
Journal Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money
Print ISSN 1042-4431
Publisher Elsevier
Pages 56 - 77
Keywords Portfolio return autocorrelation; Non-trading; Diversification
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