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A Rare Presentation of a Solitary Melanoma Bone Metastasis.


A Rare Presentation of a Solitary Melanoma Bone Metastasis. Thumbnail



A 74-year-old woman presented with sudden onset pain and swelling in her right wrist. Plain radiographs showed a pathological fracture through a lytic lesion. The patient had a past medical history of melanoma on her right thigh, which had been excised two years previously. She was referred to the bone cancer unit to undergo a series of investigations that included a magnetic resonance imaging scan, bone scintigraphy and a computed tomography-guided biopsy. Collectively, all investigations revealed a solitary bone metastasis from her previous melanoma in the right distal radius. The patient was treated symptomatically and underwent internal fixation with cement augmentation for symptom control. With the incidence of melanoma increasing, this case demonstrates the importance of being vigilant of unusual presentations.

Acceptance Date Jan 10, 2022
Publication Date Jan 21, 2022
Journal Cureus
Print ISSN 2168-8184
Publisher Springer
Pages e21479 - ?
Keywords palliative management; nuclear bone scan; mri- magnetic resonance imaging; computed tomography (ct); solitary metastasis; metastasis; melanoma
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