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Biocatalytic Approaches to Building Blocks for Enzymatic and Chemical Glycan Synthesis

Cosgrove; Miller; Dolan



While the field of biocatalysis has bloomed over the past 20–30 years, advances in the understanding and improvement of carbohydrate-active enzymes, in particular, the sugar nucleotides involved in glycan building block biosynthesis, have progressed relatively more slowly. This perspective highlights the need for further insight into substrate promiscuity and the use of biocatalysis fundamentals (rational design, directed evolution, immobilization) to expand substrate scopes toward such carbohydrate building block syntheses and/or to improve enzyme stability, kinetics, or turnover. Further, it explores the growing premise of using biocatalysis to provide simple, cost-effective access to stereochemically defined carbohydrate materials, which can undergo late-stage chemical functionalization or automated glycan synthesis/polymerization.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Nov 17, 2022
Publication Date Dec 7, 2022
Journal JACS Au
Print ISSN 2691-3704
Publisher American Chemical Society
Pages 47-61
Keywords biocatalysis, chemoenzymatic synthesis, enzymes, glycan, sugar nucleotide, glycobiology, carbohydrate
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