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Outcomes of cardiac implantable electronic device transvenous lead extractions performed in centers without onsite cardiac surgery

Mohamed, M; Rashid, M; Greenspon, A; Barker, D; Patwala, A; Mamas, M; Potts, J; Contractor, T; Kwok, CS


M Mohamed

A Greenspon

D Barker

A Patwala

J Potts

T Contractor

CS Kwok


Background: While major complications associated with CIED lead extractions are uncommon, they carry a significant risk of morbidity and mortality in the absence of surgical intervention. However, there is limited data on the differences in outcomes of these procedures between centers with and without on-site CS support. The present study examined outcomes of transvenous cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) lead extractions according to admitting hospitals’ cardiac surgery (CS) facilities.

Methods: We analyzed the National Inpatient Sample for CIED lead extraction procedures, stratified by hospitals’ CS facilities into two groups; on-site and off-site CS. Logistic regression analyses were performed to estimate the adjusted odds (aOR) of procedure-related complications in off-site CS centers.

Results: In 221,606 procedures over an 11-year-period, CIED lead extractions were increasingly undertaken in on-site as opposed to off-site CS centers (Onsite CS 2004 vs. 2014: 78.2% vs. 90.4%, p<0.001) during the study period. In comparison to on-site CS group, patients admitted to off-site CS group were older, less comorbid, and experienced lower adjusted odds of major adverse cardiovascular events (0.72[0.67, 0.77]), mortality (0.60[0.52,0.69]), procedure-related bleeding (0.48[0.44,0.54]) and complications (thoracic:0.81[0.75,0.88]; cardiac:0.45[0.38,0.54]) (p<0.001 for all).

Conclusion: Our national analysis demonstrates that transvenous CIED lead extractions are being increasingly undertaken in centers with on-site CS surgery, in compliance with international guideline recommendations. Patients managed with lead extractions in on-site CS centers are more comorbid and critically ill compared to those admitted to off-site CS centers, and remain at a higher risk of procedure-related complications.

Acceptance Date Jul 30, 2019
Publication Date Feb 1, 2020
Journal International Journal of Cardiology
Print ISSN 0167-5273
Publisher Elsevier
Pages 154-160
Keywords Cardiac devices, pacemakers, defibrillators, removal, extraction, cardiac surgery, outcomes, treatment
Publisher URL