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A genome-wide association study suggests correlations of common genetic variants with peritoneal solute transfer rates in patients with kidney failure receiving peritoneal dialysis.

Davies; Lambie



Movement of solutes across the peritoneum allows for the use of peritoneal dialysis to treat kidney failure. However, there is a large inter-individual variability in the peritoneal solute transfer rate (PSTR). Here, we tested the hypothesis that common genetic variants are associated with variability in PSTR. Of the 3561 participants from 69 centers in six countries, 2850 with complete data were included in a genome-wide association study. PSTR was defined as the four-hour dialysate/plasma creatinine ratio from the first peritoneal equilibration test after starting PD. Heritability of PSTR was estimated using genomic-restricted maximum-likelihood analysis, and the association of PSTR with a genome-wide polygenic risk score was also tested. The mean four hour dialysate/plasma creatinine ratio in participants was 0.70. In 2212 participants of European ancestry, no signal reached genome-wide significance but 23 single nucleotide variants at four loci demonstrated suggestive associations with PSTR. Meta-analysis of the 2850 ancestry stratified regressions revealed five single nucleotide variants at four loci with suggestive correlations with PSTR. Association across ancestry strata was consistent for rs28644184 at the KDM2B locus. The estimated heritability of PSTR was 19% and a significant permuted model polygenic risk score was associated with PSTR. Thus, this genome-wide association study of patients receiving peritoneal dialysis bolsters evidence for a genetic contribution to inter-individual variability in PSTR.

Acceptance Date May 27, 2021
Publication Date Jun 28, 2021
Journal Kidney International
Print ISSN 0085-2538
Publisher Elsevier
Pages 1101-1111
Keywords epithelial mesenchymal transition; genetics; genome-wide association study; kidney failure; peritoneal dialysis; peritoneal solute transfer rate
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