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Burden of allergic disease among ethnic minority groups in high-income countries

Jones, Christina J.; Paudyal, Priyamvada; West, Robert M.; Mansur, Adel H.; Jay, Nicola; Makwana, Nick; Baker, Sarah; Krishna, Mamidipudi T.

Burden of allergic disease among ethnic minority groups in high-income countries Thumbnail


Christina J. Jones

Robert M. West

Adel H. Mansur

Nicola Jay

Nick Makwana

Sarah Baker

Mamidipudi T. Krishna


The COVID-19 pandemic raised acute awareness regarding inequities and inequalities and poor clinical outcomes amongst ethnic minority groups. Studies carried out in North America, the UK and Australia have shown a relatively high burden of asthma and allergies amongst ethnic minority groups. The precise reasons underpinning the high disease burden are not well understood, but it is likely that this involves complex gene–environment interaction, behavioural and cultural elements. Poor clinical outcomes have been related to multiple factors including access to health care, engagement with healthcare professionals and concordance with advice which are affected by deprivation, literacy, cultural norms and health beliefs. It is unclear at present if allergic conditions are intrinsically more severe amongst patients from ethnic minority groups. Most evidence shaping our understanding of disease pathogenesis and clinical management is biased towards data generated from white population resident in high-income countries. In conjunction with standards of care, it is prudent that a multi-pronged approach towards provision of composite, culturally tailored, supportive interventions targeting demographic variables at the individual level is needed, but this requires further research and validation. In this narrative review, we provide an overview of epidemiology, sensitization patterns, poor clinical outcomes and possible factors underpinning these observations and highlight priority areas for research.

Acceptance Date Mar 14, 2022
Publication Date May 1, 2022
Journal Clinical & Experimental Allergy
Print ISSN 0954-7894
Publisher Wiley
Pages 604 - 615
Publisher URL


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